Air Recreation Vehicles (ARVs)




Air Recreation Vehicles (ARVs) are also called Trikes.
Hang gliders with great ability to control their destination,heights, and time in the air to see more of the beautiful sky  and yet feel free.
With this fascinating hang glider, We can feel what an Eagle or a Hawk truly feels. By having the ability to propel we can dance around the sky with birds . NationRiver
You may have seen the fly away home story where the  migrating birds are taught to fly south by the aide of a trike. Now you can  experience this wonderfully magical fantasy too.
Take an introductory tandem  flight with us,share this privilege and fulfil this amazing dream.
Take off to the blue and discover the vast world just above us. It is a fascinating play  ground which is available only to those who seek it and are lucky enough to reach it.
ARV Hang Gliders are controlled by weight shift. meaning you manoeuvre the glider by moving your weight to input directional control.
They have been around for many many years and have evolved to be a safe and  affordable vehicles to take us in the blue with unbelievable excitement. wingover

Once airborne you can go from cloud to cloud and soar for hours, your  time in the air is literally up to you and up to 5 hours; imagine the possibilities.

Trike Hang Gliders are the fastest growing, easiest and  most affordable type of air crafts available today. you will have the freedom of  choosing your destination.
The key here is affordability in aviation. What a  welcoming change.
We will take care of all sales and services.
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Fly away from the mundane. gaspe

Introductory flights (1hr) are $250.00 for a fantastic experience accompanied by an instructor with over 20 years of experience in the sport; sure to excite or awaken your sense of adventure. Group rates are available on request.

If it sounds awesome imagine doing it.

At Sky Adventure you can learn to fly at the comfort of your own pace, under
the supervision of a certified instructor using the latest techniques and  equipment.

Our goal is to safely make the passion of flying a part of your life.

Today's Hang Gliders and Trikes are so well designed and tested that a properly chosen Glider for your level will bring you years of  safe, passionate fun, and unique exhilaration.

You make the sky your  playground, not a limit.

Have you ever looked in the eyes of a hawk?  (sm)

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